About Me

My name is Mary-Ann Holt, and I love seeing couples realising their wedding day is just how they imagined. I am a Member of the Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants (AFCC), live in Adelaide and am happy to travel within a reasonable distance from my home.

My role is to work with you in creating a ceremony that will represent your individuality, as well as your uniqueness as a couple. I aim to ensure your wedding will be a personal and special ceremony, conducted with sincerity and dignity. Together we will make your wedding ceremony just the way you imagine it to be.

Sometimes people don’t think about how different they are from each other when making plans for a wedding ceremony. A wedding is a rite of passage. It is a major life transition. So, it’s important that your ceremony reflects each of you – it will be tailored just for you both!

Aside from the legal purposes, a wedding usually occurs so friends and family can witness, bless and celebrate the coming together of the lives of two people during a ceremony that sanctifies their love.

Even a simple ceremony can involve quite a bit of planning. Agreements between the two of you on all the decisions in planning your wedding will need to be one. The demands these decisions can place on you both can involve different feelings within you and between you.

But remember, this is a day for making memories
Enjoy all of it
Let each concern and development become something that deepens and strengthens your relationship