Naming Ceremonies

A name, once given, will be associated forever with a face, a voice, a walk, a laugh, and all the other idiosyncracies our family and friends recognise. This child’s name will be spoken, whispered, shouted, cried, sung, and written – thousands of times, impersonally or meaningfully – by family, friends, neighbours, schoolfellows, teachers, doctors, colleagues, lovers, strangers, and maybe by children and grandchildren. It will define his/her identity.

Naming ceremonies provide the opportunity for family and friends to come together and acknowledge the special people in the child’s life, eg godparents, grandparents, aunties and uncles etc. These ceremonies offer the opportunity to celebrate in welcoming your child into your family and larger community. They are meant to be relaxed and can be held wherever you so choose, with venues including your local park, your home etc.

My role, as a celebrant, is to provide you with a variety of options for your child’s naming – I believe in simple and friendly ceremonies which are inclusive of as many people as the parent/s so wish, including siblings, godparents, grandparents etc.

We can discuss your thoughts at our first meeting, including the type of ceremony, location and what I offer in a naming ceremony.