Your wedding ceremony is a statement about your love and commitment which is why it is very important that both of you have ownership of the marriage rites.

Developing your personalised wedding ceremony will be the beginning of your sharing ideas to meet common goals in your future lives together as husband and wife/lifetime partners.

I have a wide collection of poems and prose for your consideration which can make your ceremony truly meaningful.

Involvement of friends/family in your ceremony

A wedding can be a genuinely unique and beautiful one if a decision is made to involve friends and/or family in your wedding service. It is therefore important that each individual participant is very clear in their role in contributing to the special and legal ceremony of the bridge and groom.

On the day

I aim to arrive 30-40 minutes prior to the agreed starting time for the ceremony in order to check with either or both parties, the final details or arrangements for the ceremony. I also like to take this time to meet with the groom and his party as they await the arrival of the bride, family members and other guests.

Photographs and videos

These play a valuable part in your special day. A ceremony lasts just a moment in time, photos provide a life-time of memories.


In keeping with the legal confidentiality requirements, storing of official paperwork relating to your personal information will be stored in a locked drawer in my office.  Following the ceremony, this information will be disposed of in a confidential manner.  Every care is taken to ensure your privacy is maintained at all times.

I am required to comply with the Marriage Act 1961, Marriage Regulations 1963, Code of Practice for Marriage and as such, my role is also to assist you meeting these requirements.  I am a member of the The Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants, which is a national body.  The AFCC encourages all members to maintain the essential qualities of professional celebrancy
obliging service
cultural awareness
choice of ceremony
dignity, and


I will discuss the total fee for your ceremony, including the cost of travel (if appropriate), at our first meeting. My fee is a one-off and covers all forms of communication before your special day.

‘I also conduct other ceremonies as per your personal requirements. I am happy to accommodate to all couples to ensure their special day is made memorable, and a lasting tribute to their love.’