Funeral Ceremonies

Funerals are ceremonies held to celebrate and remember a life once lived. Funerals have for thousands of years, been a means of expressing our beliefs, thoughts and feelings about the death of someone we have loved. They are a public acknowledgement of a death, the opportunity to move toward the pain of grief, to remember the person who’s died, to search for meaning and to receive support from others.

When a loved one dies, a person’s world is turned upside down. To mourn is to be an active participant in our own grief journeys, as we all grieve when someone we love dies, but if we are to heal, we must also mourn.

As a celebrant, I assist families in making informed choices in creating appropriate ceremonies for their loved ones in this time of grief. There are many options in planning a funeral and as a funeral celebrant, I will listen to you, and work with you, in creating a meaningful and memorable ceremony in a caring and empathic manner.

I am available as often as required, as it is important that you are given the time needed to ensure the ceremony accurately reflects your thoughts and feelings of the person who has touched you.
You have the right to ask for a celebrant of your choice when arranging a funeral. As well as meeting with you and your family/friends, I also liaise with funeral directors and their staff as we are all involved in ensuring the ceremony is held in a caring and professional manner.